Throughout the semester
(except October and March)


50 minutes


30-40 minutes


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Availability: except October 7-November 1

Upon request, a CTE staff member will visit a class session to observe the teaching process and conduct a peer review. A follow-up session is scheduled with the CTE consultant to discuss the observations and recommendations

*For classrooms of any size

• Classroom observations are scheduled for 50 minutes; if your class runs longer please select which portion you are most interested in having observed

• Your consultant will arrive 5 minutes before class and take a seat with the class; it is your discretion as whether or not you want to acknowledge his/her presence to your students

• At least 50 minutes of class time are needed to complete the evaluation

• You will need to arrange a follow-up consultation within than a week following the evaluation; debriefing normally lasts around 30-40 mins

All information collected for Teaching Assessment Services is held in strictest confidence

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