October and March


50-75 minutes


30-40 minutes


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Small Group
Instructional Diagnosis

Availability: October 7-November 1

A consultant from CTE will visit a class for 50-75 minutes and, without the instructor being present, ask the students three questions about the class: 1) what has helped them learn, 2) what has made learning difficult, and 3) what suggestions do they have for change. Small groups of students discuss and answer these questions. The consultant meets with the instructor and passes on this information.

Please note: We can accommodate classes with up to 30 students

• Prior to our appointment, please announce to your students that a visitor will be coming and that they need to show up to class on time

• We strongly encourage you to introduce the evaluation to your class that day; please read our philosophy page, and feel free to use it as a reference in your introduction

• At least 50 minutes of class time are needed to complete the evaluation

• Please make sure a working overhead projector is available in the room

All information collected for Teaching Assessment Services is held in strictest confidence

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