aloha teaching AND RESEARCH assistants!
welcome to your professional
development pages!

Welcome Teaching and Research Assistants! TAs and RAs play crucial roles in the
success of undergraduate student learning and are invaluable assets to the University
of Hawaii at Manoa!

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) offers a wealth of resources for you available
right here on our web page! You’ll find specifics relating to TA professional
development and career prep, teaching evaluations, and exciting information about life
in Hawai‘i and on campus.

The Center for Teaching Excellence offers exciting opportunities for the professional
development of TAs and ITAs. CTE organizes a three-day TA training each semester.
We host a variety of events each semester that includes workshops, panels, and
seminars to address the pedagogical and professional development of TAs. Our
resources include videopods, PowerPoint presentations and handouts of previous
events. We also offer teaching assessment services for TAs. Check out our teaching
evaluation page
for details on small group instructional diagnosis, paper and pencil
assessment and classroom observations.

For specific inquiries, please visit or call the Office of Graduate Education here on



Jan 3-5, 2016 — TA Training!
Welcome new TAs!
Click here for information and registration

wave May 1, 2016 — Have a great summer!

If you are new to UHM and the islands, check out campus life and our TA Survival Guide!

Live and Learn in Paradise