Complete a request form including a short proposal in order to be considered for the room. Fill out the room request proposal form .

Informal Visit

Willing to have a CTE faculty possibly make an informal visit to assess that the space supports your course. Time and date by agreement with you.


Contribute feedback on your experience online at the end of the semester. We will notify you by email with the link.

Paper & Pencil

Collect an anonymous paper and pencil feedback from your students on their experience of the space. The link will be provided to you a week prior to class ending.


Willing to accept occasional VIP* visit to your space during class period, following an email notification. *VIPs may include: Hawai`i State Legislators who fund Mānoa capital improvement projects including innovative classroom spaces, architects & designers working on campus projects, and academics & administrators from other universities & campuses.


The Manoa Room Scheduler will be assigning rooms to all faculty as usual. If a course is selected to be taught in Webster 101, the Collaborative Classroom Committee will inform their office that the course has been confirmed for Webster 101 and that the faculty has met their commitments for orientation and training.

This unique collaborative space is dedicated to scheduling academic courses. It's not available for other academic events or activities. Mahalo!


Once you have completed the room orientation, you may check out a key for the semester. Please read our page on how to check out keys.

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No eating or drinking in the room (water containers permitted). Please be responsible regarding condition and cleanliness at the end of each class.


Please make sure all students have left the room. Students who are waiting should remain outside the classroom until their teacher arrives.


Turn off system.
Turn off lights.
Secure the doors.
Lock and close windows.


Center for Teaching Excellence
University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
Honolulu HI 96822 USA

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