Marine Biology

I am coral biologist studying the physiological ecology of scleractinian reef corals and how changing environmental conditions affect the performance of corals and their symbiont alga (Symbiodinium spp.). In my research I have focused on coral bleaching, ocean acidification, symbiont community composition, and the isotopic and energetic properties of coral tissues. In my Ph.D. I have been particualrly interested in the application of stable isotopes to understand coral nutritional states and the transfer of energy between the host, symbiont, and the external environment and its relation to physiological resilience of the holobiont. As a teacher, I have served as a teaching assistant in the Department of Biology and Oceanography at the University of Hawai'i Mānoa. I am serve as an Adjunct Faculty member at Santa Monica College where I have taught courses in botany and marine biology in traditional and online classrooms.