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How Do Space & Design Impact
Teaching & Learning?

(Show Me the Data!)
Presented by: David Stubbs, Founder of Cultural-Shift: Recreating the Learning Environment, Honored Recipient of the A4LE Industry Partner Award and the EdSpaces/IIDA Excellence in Innovation Award

If you are interested in evidence-based data about existing and future educational environments that facilitate learning and multiple platforms of pedagogy, disciplines and styles of learning, as well as how to maximize and diversify the uses of adaptable spaces, make time for a conversation with David Stubbs. [Click here for part 2]


A New Technology to Support Learning by Teaching

Presented by:
Dr. Jan Stelovsky, Author of Flip-Flop Technology, Information and Computer Sciences and Branden Ogata, Graduate Assistant, Information and Computer Sciences

Learning by Teaching is one of the best educational methodologies, but has lacked clearly structured, easy to use and easy to deploy support tools. The Flip-Flop methodology and supporting technology enhances Learning by Teaching and is now available to your classes. You can start using it immediately or plan ways to employ it in your Spring course. This workshop will help you to set it up and we can customize it to your needs. For more information, read the article presented at HCII ‘16: www2.hawaii.edu/~janst/articles/Flip-Flop.html

How Top Hat Will Set Your Classroom Apart

Presented by: Hannah Zwick, Senior Engagement Specialist, Top Hat, and Shannon Frame, Director, Enterprise Sales, Top Hat team in Canada, Northwest USA, Australia and New Zealand

Are you looking for new ways to engage students and energize the classroom? Do you want real-time data to assist in improving student learning outcomes? Do you find your students suffering in silence instead of verbalizing their need for help? We will discuss pedagogically how you can use Top Hat to achieve these goals and demonstrate the ease of use in adopting the platform.

The Value of a Manoa Degree

Mānoa Institutional Learning Objectives Workshop Series

Presented by the ILO Committee:
Debora Halbert, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; Hoku Aikau, Director of General Education; Meghan Terawaki, Advising; Jenifer Winter, Associate Professor of Communication; Amy Schiffner, Associate Professor of Theater and Dance

Come learn about Mānoa’s Institutional Learning Objectives (ILOs) and how they can help us better communicate to our students and the wider community the many important educational opportunities Mānoa offers.

Begin Teaching in Virtual Space

First Steps for Non-Geeks

Presented by:
Dr. Estelle Codier, School of Nursing, UH Mānoa, and author of the book Teaching Health Care in Virtual Space: Best Practices for Educators in Multi-User Virtual Environments

This Faculty Workshop will include tools and tips for faculty of all disciplines. You will: • Learn about virtual environments like Second Life • Hear about the advantages of teaching in virtual space • Learn about practical first steps • Experience virtual space first hand

Teaching with Streaming Video

Presented by:
Peter Shirts, Music and Audiovisual Librarian and Acting Head, Sinclair Library and Wong Audiovisual Center

This workshop aims to give you the knowledge and tools you need to understand the streaming video resources UHM library provides and to successfully and legally employ streaming video in your classes.

Digital Image Use 101

Finding and Using Images from the Internet

Presented by: Kanako Iwase, Visual Resources Librarian, Department of Art and Art History
Are you confident in finding and using images from the Internet? Do you know about "fair use"? Can you distinguish images in different license conditions, such as public domain and Creative Commons? This workshop will introduce tips for finding, identifying, and using digital images for your academic work and beyond. Knowing what resources are available on the Internet and using them properly are critical skills for succeeding in your academic and professional career.

Collaborative Learning

and Cross-Cultural Understanding

Presented by: Dr. Richard J. Smith, Rice University, Visiting Scholar
George and Nancy Rupp, Professor of Humanities and Professor of History, Dr. Smith is a specialist in modern Chinese history and traditional Chinese culture.

This presentation and workshop will explore techniques of simulation and collaborative learning designed to connect the material we teach directly to the lives of our students, enhancing cross-cultural understanding across time, space and academic disciplines.

See Summer 2016 Handouts

The Art of the Engaged Lecture:

Small Nudges that Foster Critical Thinking & Active Learning

Presented by: Dr. Enoch Hale, Academic Learning Transformation Lab (ALT), Office of Learning, Innovation and Student Success, Virginia Commonwealth University

This workshop experience is designed to take a very practical approach to what is institutionally established and expected. We will be exploring small, low investment ways to challenge students to think critically and directly engage with the material in dynamic ways as we lecture. You will leave this experience with resources: human, intellectual and strategic.

See Summer 2016 Handouts

Tips for a Successful

Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Issues (HAP) Proposal

Presented by: Scott Rowland, Chair HAP Board
Kainoa Fialkowski, HAP Board
Noelani Goodyear-Kaopua, Associate Professor, Political Science
Ty Kawika Tengan, Chair, Ethnic Studies and Associate Professor, Anthropology

HAP Board members will provide an overview of the proposal process followed by faculty members who will share their tips for a successful HAP application.

Developing a Research Agenda:

Funding Your Research

Presented by:
Michael Bruno, Vice Chancellor for Research, UH Mānoa
Yaa-Yin Fong, Director, Office of Research Services, UH

This event will focus on:
• Research initiatives • Internal resources • Research program development • Opportunities for research funding • Assistance in securing and obtaining extramural financial support

Research Impact:

Traditional & Alternative Metrics

Presented by:
Carolyn Dennison, Science and Technology
Vicky Lebbin, Science and Technology

This workshop will help faculty demonstrate the contribution of their scholarly output (articles, blog posts, books, presentations, syllabi, videos, etc.) for tenure, promotion, grants, accreditation and program reviews.

Research Design and Evidence-Based Practice Implications

The Scholarship of Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program Reform & Curriculum Renewal

Featuring Professor and National Teaching Fellow Harry Hubball, PhD, of the University of British Columbia, Canada

Participants will be engaged in a dialogue around key processes, challenges and outcomes related to practice-based curricula inquiry, research methodology, and dissemination considerations.

Learning-Centered Curricula Development, Implementation and Assessment Practices

The Scholarship of Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program Reform & Curriculum Renewal

Featuring Professor and National Teaching Fellow Harry Hubball, PhD, of the University of British Columbia, Canada

Participants will be engaged in a dialogue around key processes, challenges and outcomes related to learning-centered curriculum mapping, integration, and assessment practices.

Workshop on eProtocol

UH's Electronic IRB Application System

Presented by:
Kristin Bacon, CIP
IRB Coordinator, Human Studies Program

This event will be introducing eProtocol, the electronic IRB application submission system, to investigators planning to conduct human participant research and go over the functionality and instruction for using the system to submit protocols for review and approval.

See Fall 2016 Handouts

Fulbright Scholarship Program Workshop

Discover how you can make an impact abroad at the Fulbright Scholar Program Workshop

Presented by:
Athena Mison Fulay, Senior Manager for Institutional Engagement from IIE’s Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES)

Topics covered in the workshop include:
Opportunities for teaching, research, and flexible initiatives in more than 125 countries; tips on how to craft a competitive application, including how to make contacts abroad and choosing the right country and award for you.

Techlogic@UH 2016 - Keynote

A Lean Model for Homework, Testing, and Lecturing: Quickly Constructing Understanding through Adaptive Technologies

Presented by David Garmire, Department of Electrical Engineering

Techlogic@UH 2016 - Keynote

Competency-Based Education: Piloting CBE in Our Traditional Paradigm

Presented by:
Paul McKimmy, Department of Learning, Design & Technology

Techlogic@UH 2016

Technology & the Teaching of Translation

Presented by:
Pia Arboleda, Filipino and Philippine Literature Program


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