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Kuykendall 106 Events Room

Sponsored by:

Center for Teaching Excellence

Flip-Flop: A New Technology to Support Learning by Teaching

Presented by:
Dr. Jan Stelovsky
Author of Flip Flop technology, Information and Computer Sciences
Branden Ogata
Graduate Assistant, Information and Computer Sciences

Learning by Teaching is one of the best educational methodologies, but has lacked clearly structured, easy to use and easy to deploy support tools. The Flip-Flop methodology and supporting technology enhances Learning by Teaching and is now available to your classes. You can start using it immediately or plan ways to employ it in your spring course. This workshop will help you to set it up and we can customize it to your needs.

Do you:
• Recommend online videos in your course?
• Use videos or MOOCs in your assignments or lecture?
• Consider flipping course an interesting option so that students watch lecture screencasts at home and solve problems in the class? 
• Reinvent quizzes every semester?
• Appreciate technology that simplifies your grading?

Then come and experience an approach and technology developed at Mānoa campus.

With Flip-Flop, students make quizzes based on online videos, take each other’s quizzes, evaluate peer quizzes and even suggest improvements to a quiz they just took. To make a quiz they have to come up with questions, answers, and feedbacks indicating why an answer is right or wrong. They can add hints and hint links that requires them to search for related online resources. As an instructor, you can easily view all questions, peer's evaluations, and improvement suggestions while adding your own points and corrections. And you get data that you can use for grading and a plethora of quality quizzes that you can reuse the next semester. In this event you will be introduced to Flip-Flop, including taking a sample quiz, making your own quiz, as well as taking a peer quiz and improving it. You will then set up a schedule for a sample course.

Coffee and tea will be provided.

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