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CTE Visiting Scholar Series

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Center for Teaching Excellence

Metacognition & the Development of Reflective, Self-directed Learners

Presented by:
Dr. Rochelle E. Tractenberg,
Director, Collaborative for Research in Outcomes and Metrics
Professor, Departments of Neurology; Biostatistics, Bioinformatics & Biomathematics; and Rehabilitation Medicine at Georgetown University

Dr. Tractenberg will discuss metacognition as a learnable, improvable skill set to strengthen teaching and assessment. A focus on cognitive psychological principles and leveraging ideas from cognitive science and educational psychology, educators can develop, evaluate and revise teaching and learning opportunities by:
• incorporating reflection and metacognition
• defining the learning enterprise as a joint effort by instructor and learner
• orienting the learner along a path of growth and development
• strengthening teaching and assessment across disciplines and for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate/professional contexts

This presentation will describe and briefly discuss metacognition as a learnable, improvable skill set that can be taught within, and strengthened across, courses throughout a higher education curriculum. Leveraging specific ideas from the disciplines of cognitive science and educational psychology can strengthen teaching and assessment activities so that the targeted learning happens and is deepened with the incorporation of reflection and metacognition. For undergraduates, graduates, and post-graduate/professional contexts, defining the “learning enterprise” as a joint effort, by the instructor and the individual learner, orients all participants in moving the learner along a specific pre-articulated path of growth and development. A focus on cognitive psychological principles in the development, evaluation, and revision of teaching and learning opportunities emphasizes the strengths this focus brings for the instructor and the learner.

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