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» iPad: Unlocked! Part 3 Social Networking for Education

» iPad: Unlocked! Part 2 Productivity

» iPad: Unlocked! Part 1 Navigation

» iPhoto for iPad: Unlocked!

» GarageBand: Unlocked!

» Easy First Steps-Lecture to Online Course

» Data Management Strategies: “The Joy of

» Data Management Strategies: “Yes I Can!”

Introduction to ARTstor

» Motivating Online Discussion through Activities & Assignment Design

» Helpful Stories & Best Practices: Tales & Advice from the E-Classroom

»Sparking Web Students' Participation through Video, Audio, Weblinks & other New Media

» i>Clicker Demonstration

i>Clicker & i>Clicker 2 S2013
Teaching & Learning » Teaching Matters Session 2: Promoting Critical Readings, Thinking and Writing Skills F2014

» Discussion Series Session 1

» Discussion Series Session 3

» Discussion Series Session 5

» Discussion Series Session 6

» Sharing Best Practices & Lessons Learned about Group Assignments & Group Work

» Critical Reading / Critical Thinking

» The Honest Classroom: Building Good Relations with Your Students

» Integrating Media to Engage Students
Teaching Matters » Overview of Accessible Online Instruction

 Building Bridges: Veterans in Transition

 Habits of Mind

» Hidden in Plain Sight

» Teaching Is...

» Relinquishing the Lecturn

» Is the Whole Really Greater than the Sum of the Parts?
General Education » Can My Course Earn a Focus Designation?

» Navigating Contemporary Ethical Issues:
E Focus Designation Approval For Your Courses
(e focus)

» The Write Stuff: Designing & Developing Real-World Writing Assignments Using
New & Existing Course Materials
(w focus)

» Would Your Course Draw More Attention if it Took an Ethical Approach? (e focus)

» Develop Courses that Honor & Engage Hawaiian, Asian, or Pacific Issues(h focus)
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) » Authentic Assessment of Teaching & Learning (2 videos)

» "Scholarly Approaches to Peer-Review of Teaching: Emergent Frameworks & Outcomes in a Research-Intensive University"

» "Ten-Year Reflections on Mentoring the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Research in a Research-Intensive University"

Study Abroad » Teaching & Researching Around the World: Could you be the next Faculty Resident Director? (F2015)

Center on Disability Studies » Creating Accessible Videos S2015

» CDS Series: Attending to Students: Beyond Attaching Names to Faces

» CDS Series: Reaching All of the Learners in Your Classroom

Tenure & Promotion Dossier
» Faculty Mentoring Program videopods
Miscellaneous » UHM Rolls out its Open Access Policy

» Best Practices in Serving Veterans and
Service Members

» Who's Afraid of Lady Gaga? Navigating Fierce Currents of the Cultural Studies Classroom

» Is there a Fulbright in your Future? F2011
TA Training » TA Professional Development
Preparing Future Faculty /
Dissertation Completion Series
» TA Professional Development