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If you are a faculty seeking to expand collaborative teaching practices and student learning outcomes, Webster 101 Collaborative Classroom may be the ideal classroom for you!

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Inside the Room
Inside the Room

Webster 101 accommodates class sizes up to 64 students. There are 8 tables, each with a monitor and a panel for students to connect their own technology, and seating for 8 students. Writing surfaces are located along all wall surfaces for students’ use, and there is a technology podium from which instructors and students can make presentations.

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Classroom Features
Classroom Features

This room is a space designed with these features in mind: • enhances community building • emphasizes student interaction • enables the instructor to facilitate active learning • supports media-rich content • functions as a learning laboratory
• encourages peer instruction and project-based learning

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"Student Testimonials"


This unique collaborative space is dedicated to scheduling academic courses.
It's not available for other academic events or activities. Mahalo!



Because space
really does matter

one, two...


No eating or drinking in the room (water containers permitted). Please be responsible regarding condition and cleanliness at the end of each class.


Please make sure all students have left the room. Students who are waiting should remain outside the classroom until their teacher arrives.


Turn off system.
Turn off lights.
Secure the doors.
Lock and close windows.


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