I heard you offer a variety of workshops & other interesting sessions. Is there a cost to attend?

The Center for Teaching Excellence is committed to improving the quality of education on the Mānoa Campus. We are happy to offer all of our programs and workshops free of charge.

Someone highly recommended your Mid-Semester Evaluation service. How do I go about requesting this, or other Teaching Assessment Services?

Start out by visiting our various Teaching Assessments pages:
Classroom Observation
Small Group Instructional Diagnosis
Paper & Pencil Assessment
From there you will find more information and links to request the particular service you are interested in.
All requests are confidential.
If you run into problems or have a specific question, email us at cte@hawaii.edu.

What is your policy regarding the information collected for events and teaching assessment services? Is it kept confidential?

Yes, our center takes the issue of confidentiality very seriously. All information collected for event registration and Teaching Assessment Services is held in strictest confidence and used only by our office for purposes of administering our programs. For more details visit our philosophy page.

I heard you have new classrooms here on the Manoa campus. How do I sign up to teach in one of those?

Yes, we have one collaborative classroom in Webster, and three innovative classrooms in Sakamaki.
For more details visit Webster 101 Collaborative Classroom or Sakamaki Innovation Zone websites.

What do you do with the surveys we fill out after a presentation?

We compile the information and analyze it to determine which programs are successful and most useful. All of the information is utilized in order to provide the best possible workshops, events and programs. Your feedback is important to us.


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