The Office of Faculty Development and Academic Support (OFDAS) was initiated by the Board of Regents in June 1987 to function as an academic support office with the overall mission of providing instructional and professional development activities and services for UHM faculty and academic staff. Within OFDAS, the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) provides programs for professional development and assessment of teaching and learning through programs, services and publications, all contributing to the development of attitudes, values, skills, and knowledge to impact the complex processes of teaching and learning. These activities are staff and time intensive, requiring an integration of faculty participation and contribution, and in this sense, it functions as an instructional program as much as a support program.

Mission Statement
Maintaining an ongoing dialogue about good teaching is done through seminars, workshops, individual counseling, and course assessment offerings with individuals, departments, and colleges and schools.

Supporting the improvement, development and enhancement of university teaching and the highlighting and rewarding of excellent teaching is achieved through (a) development of teaching practices for teaching assistants and faculty through orientations, instructional development activities, the evaluation of teaching performance, individual consultation on teaching practice and mentoring; (b) enhancement of teaching performance of mid-career and senior faculty by professional development offerings directed toward updating and upgrading teaching and learning theory, technology, and pedagogy, as well as renewal of commitment and vitality in relation to teaching. The Center for Teaching Excellence takes the lead in these programs.

In related programs through OFDAS, CTE is involved in providing opportunities for faculty professional and career development achieved by sponsoring new faculty and department chairs and orientations, maintaining a formal mentoring program for faculty, managing faculty and assessment enhancement and by supporting the leadership of department chairs by providing programs relating to effective management decisions regarding faculty and students issues which impact teaching and learning.

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