Friday, January 29, 2021


11:30am - 12:45pm


Online Event

Rubric Development for Promoting Oral Communication in the Classroom

Amongst its many duties, the Oral Communication (OC) Board determines whether submitted UHM course proposals meet the requirements to receive an “O” designation, meaning that undergraduate students who enroll in approved course are able to attain the necessary oral focus credits for graduation.

When applying for an “O” designation, instructors are required to submit a rubric to be used to assess students’ oral abilities during class.

This workshop addresses three key topics regarding rubric development:

  • We describe the criteria that the OC Board consider when deciding whether a course receives an “O” designation or not, and why we require the submission of a rubric;
  • We define rubric, and introduce resources readily available through a range of UHM sources, including ‘how to’ guidelines and sample rubrics;
  • With the help of UHM faculty, we provide examples of and advice for developing discipline- or activity-specific rubrics that still meet the expectations of the OC Board.

Presenters will include members of the UHM OC Board, as well as UHM faculty who have experience utilizing oral performance rubrics across a range of disciplines and for different oral activities (e.g., solo and group presentation, teaching demonstration).

Presented by:
• Dustin Crowther, Assistant Professor, Department of Second Language Studies
• Leilani Dawson, Librarian and Department Chair, Manuscripts Collection, Library Services
• Yao Hill, Faculty Specialist, Assessment and Curriculum Support Center
• Amy McKee, Transfer Specialist, Manoa Transfer Coordination Center
• Jamie Simpson Steele, Associate Professor, College of Education
• Jaymian Urashima, Instructor, Department of Communicology

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